5.6 Serial Interface High Resolution HMI TFT LCD Display with RS232/RS485/TTL

10.1 Inch STONE Lcd Panel with High Resolution and Touch Screen. Read & Save Data. Meet any industry design & Easy to use. Medical & Cosmetology Equipment, Electronic-Instrument, Industry Controller, Electric Power Industry, Engineering Machinery, Civilian Electronic Product and so on. Model: ETVA101WT-01 (Industry Type). 65536 colors (16 bit). 0.1905mm×0.0635mm (H×V). 257.8mm×148.1mm×15.2mm(N)/16.8mm(T). 765g(N)/795g(T). A+ Class

7.0 Embedded HMI TFT LCD With RS232/RS485/TTL Interface For Industrial Use

7.0 Embedded TFT LCD With RS232/RS485/TTL Interface For Industrial Use. The STVI070WT-01 is the intelligent TFT LCD Module with UART PORT which can be controlled by ANY MCU via Simple Powerful Command Set. So it can be used as colourful TFT Display & Touch controller in various electronic equipment. The STVI070WT-01 include CPU, TFT Driver,